Here you can quickly preview the KnowMyStory curriculum by downloading an overview of the KnowMyStory Programme and a sample lesson with exercise sheets.

1. KMS Programme Overview
2. KMS Lesson Plan 5
3. KMS Lesson 5 Exercises

Before using the KnowMyStory programme, be sure to have students complete the  KnowMyStory Pre-Survey using the link below.  Upon completion of the programme, please use the links below to complete a short online Teacher Survey as well as directing your students to the KnowMyStory Post-Survey.

1. KnowMyStory Pre-Survey
2. KnowMyStory Post-Survey
3. KnowMyStory Teacher Survey

We greatly value your feedback and believe these surveys will give you valuable insight into your student’s growth in learning as a result of using KnowMyStory.  To receive a full report of your classes pre/post survey results, please email