Welcome to the Religious Education site for teachers in the United Kingdom for the KnowMyStory Programme. Here you can order free materials, register, download resources and review research for this dynamic, customisable programme for RE classes that includes:

          DVD with short films for each lesson
          Teacher Guide
          Lesson plans for 6 to 12 class sessions
          In-class activities
          Exercise Sheets for pupils
          A special website for pupils
          A Theatre in Education Production & Workshops

          Youth of any faith can benefit from the lessons about showing care and concern for others, making healthy choices and considering the greater good. Based on extensive research on the attitudes and behaviours of youth, aged 13 to 18, this programme is based on current issues (heart-felt needs) that young people are facing. The programme is designed for KS4 pupils (or S3 & S4 pupils in Scotland), with measurable outcomes that help initiate relevant discussion amongst youth, development of life skills, creative problem solving, Bible engagement, life transformation and hope.

          When you register with RETeachers, we’ll send you the free DVD that includes all 6 lesson plans, activities and exercise sheets for students. The curriculum is designed so that you can customise it to fit your needs. Depending on the time you have available for each class session, you may wish to split the lessons and have a full 12-week plan.

          Explore the materials available to you at no cost within this site. See Sample Materials.

          Before your pupils begin the programme, we kindly request that you have each of them visit knowmystory.co.uk to complete a pre-survey. After your class has completed the lessons, they will take the survey again. In this way, we will be able to measure the outcomes and adjust the programme as needed. We will also provide an online survey for each participating teacher. We appreciate your help in maintaining the highest quality standards and in providing us with candid feedback on our programmes.

          Each teacher that participates in the research will be eligible to win an iPad. More importantly, you will be assisting us in shaping our programmes with the ultimate goal of reaching every young person with the hope of God’s Word.

          Please feel free to share this programme with other teachers, schools or organisations that may find it helpful. The materials will be made available for free to any school that wishes to participate within the United Kingdom.