The Other Side

Synopsis of the production

‘The Other Side’ follows the stories of four young people, each with different issues, brought together for one night of fun that descends into trouble. Join Lee, Gem, Daniel and Sophie as they battle with the pressures of growing up, family problems, school and relationships.

Based on the latest research on struggles young people in our society are facing, the production seeks to tackle questions of identity, family breakdown, sex, dissatisfaction with life, and how you respond to the challenges that life brings. Our vision for this piece is that each young person would feel called into a more positive view of who they are and who they’ve been made to be.

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‘The Other Side’ production will be followed by interactive workshops accessible to all pupils. These workshops will give each pupil the opportunity to explore the major themes and issues that have been addressed in the production which have personal relevance or that they can relate to. The aim of these sessions is to provide time and space for questions and to facilitate a greater understanding on ways an individual may be able to cope with life’s struggles. The team that will be leading the workshops are committed Christians and experienced in working with children and young people and are trained in addressing such issues. Included in the team will be a ‘Health Lead’ – either be a qualified nurse or doctor who will have professional experience in their field in addition to understanding the needs of young people.

As the production covers multiple themes, there are three different areas the workshops can cover to choose from. Recent research in the UK has produced some startling statistics:

  • A third of young people don’t feel they can call their home a safe place.
  • 80% of young people do not see sex as precious.
  • 9% of young people are not satisfied with life and 8% have considered suicide…

Underpinning each workshop is our goal to help young people discover their identity, encourage and build self esteem and release their fullest potential.

Workshop Option 1: Family and Fathering

How do you cope with struggles at home? This will look at how we can equip young people to deal with challenges and conflict in a healthy manner, giving them different tools to handle difficult situations. We want each pupil to know that they are valued and have an important role in family life.

Workshop Option 2: Relationships and Media

This will address the area of relationships and educate the young people on the choices that they have as individuals around the area of sex and relationships. We want to come along side each pupil giving them sound information, raising awareness of the pressures and influences of the media, society and even friends. We want each individual to be able to know what a healthy relationship looks like and distinguish and identify the way sex and relationships are portrayed by the media.

 Workshop Option 3: Who did it?

This workshop will follow the production storyline and explore it further. It will focus on the different characters, their history and life situations. As a group they will investigate why the story ended the way it did.  This workshop will address the issue of life dissatisfaction and will explore how purpose, ambitions and dreams can transform a person’s thoughts about their future, which influences their current life choices.

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